Wednesday 5 June 2013

Taist Of Iron (USA) - Resurrection (1984)

Taist Of Iron (USA) - Resurrection (1984)

Back when I uploaded Acid's self titled album I said I couldn't think of any Female Fronted bands I loved more than Acid.  Well to me, this one actually tops Acid, but only very slightly, followed closely by Malisha's Serve Your Savage Beast.  I seriously can't get enough of this album and I am not sure how many times I've listened to it back to back.  It is a very strange sounding album though, I must say.  One thing I love is that the guitar tone as well as playing style is quite clearly Van Halen inspired.  The track Metal Taco is pretty much Eruption, only slightly different.  The whole album has a very dark theme to it, and I can't really choose a favourite song, but I really enjoy the track Ouija.  It is actually a strange song to be honest, but I love it and the darkness present in the album is really apparent here.

Since this LP in its original pressing is super rare I have my very own rip for everyone to hear the differences between the original and the recent re-release.  Just so we know, I like both versions.  In some places on the re-release the guitar sounds awesome.  In the intro track, Resurrection on the original LP there are a lot of things that seem to have been taken out in the re-release.  Theres a few guitar layers and from memory a vocal track in the background.  So for those who haven't heard it, here it is and I highly suggest you hear this.    For those that have heard the re-release, I also highly recommend this.  So no matter what, you should hear this.

  1. Resurrection
  2. The Gates
  3. Victim Child
  4. We Give Life
  5. M.O.R.R.
  6. Feeling You
  7. Love & Pain
  8. Metal Taco
  9. Evil
  10. Bloody Axe
  11. Cross Of Fire
  12. Ouija
  13. Metal Beast (2012 Re-release)
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

Download (1984)
Download (2012)

Original 1984 Press

2012 Re-release

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Sarcofago (Bra) - INRI (1987)

Sarcofago (Bra) - INRI (1987)

A little something to start off the month of June, and what an album this is!  This is it.  This is what Brazil is all about.  This album here is one of the greatest of all time.  And here it is for you in its original pressing on Cogumelo COG007.  I wont go into detail about it because you should already know about this album and what it is all about, and if you haven't... seriously, what are you doing?  Interesting thing about this pressing of mine is that on the tracklisting on the sleeve and on the LP itself Track 7 is Ready To Fuck and Deathrash Track 8, just as it is written below.  But when playing the LP they are switched, so Ready To Fuck plays after Deathtrash.  So I am not sure what is going on with that as I haven't actually heard about that on the original, but in the rip I've arranged the tracks so it is in order with the tracklisting.

  1. Satanic Lust
  2. Desecration Of Virgin
  3. Nightmare
  4. INRI
  5. Christ's Death
  6. Satanas
  7. Ready To Fuck
  8. Deathrash
  9. The Last Slaughter
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock