Tuesday 12 March 2013

Various (Bra) - S.P. Metal (1984)

Various (Bra) - S.P. Metal (1984)

What a compilation!  This is the first of two (that I am aware of) compilations of bands from São Paulo, Brasil.  And next to Warfare Noise, these two compilations are some of the best things to come from the country.  On this first compilation which was released in 1984, most of the bands have a more Traditional Metal sound to them compared to what Brasil is more known for later on in the decade.  And all the bands sing in Portuguese, which just makes it all the more awesome.  The artwork here is simple, but great.  It is what I believe to be an outline of the state of SP surrounded by the band logos, really nice.  On the back of the LP, Virus looks as though they want to be KISS, but unlike KISS they are actually really good.  Not that any band on here are bad, they are all very very good, but I think Centúrias stand out the most here.  They sound almost like Dianno era Iron Maiden.  They have the riffs and the bass is very Steve Harris sounding.  S.P. Metal II will be posted tomorrow.

I am also trying a new storage service as Narod went to shit.  So don't worry if you can't download any of the old posts, I will be updating them with the new service.  Very annoying.

  1. Avenger - Missão Metálica
  2. Centúrias - Duas Rodas
  3. Virus - Matthew Hopkins
  4. Salário Mínimo - Cabeça Metal
  5. Centúrias - Portas Negras
  6. Salário Mínimo - Delírio Estelar
  7. Avenger - Cidadão do Mundo
  8. Virus - Batalha no Setor Antares

Country: Brasil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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