Thursday 1 August 2013

Venom (UK) - In League With Satan 7" (1981)

Venom (UK) - In League With Satan 7" (1981)

People who know me in person know I am a complete Venom fanboy so its quite a surprise that I've made it this far without uploading anything by them.  Well, better late than never and what better way to start off a seemingly endless amount of releases by the black metal gods themselves than their debut single, In League With Satan.  Something that really annoyed me a few years ago was Venom re-released their first few albums on CD.  They were good in that they had a huge amount of bonus tracks on the albums, sometimes just as much or more content than the actual album itself, which is fucking awesome.  Lots of rare and unreleased tracks and interviews from around the release and recordings of the albums etc.  The best part was that they also included all the singles with them.  Each album containing the two singles recorded around the time of those albums.  Welcome To Hell containing In League With Satan and Bloodlust and then Black Metal having Die Hard and Warhead.  Pretty good huh?  Well sort of.  The tracklisting says the CDs contain the In League With Satan 7" versions of the songs.  I was surprised when I listened to it and it was actually the album versions from Welcome To Hell.  That really pissed me off.

To this day I still meet people who haven't actually heard the proper 7" release and assume that it sounds exactly the same as what you hear on the album.  WRONG.  Completely different and super fucking raw. So this is why I have for all of you here the original 7" in all its raw and unlubed glory.  The first thing you will notice about the A side is that it does not have the backwards intro that is to be found on the album.  It gets straight into the drums and they sound as if it was recorded in a garage.  I'll stop ranting about this and let you get on with hearing how good this single actually is and how heavy this was for 1981.  There will be plenty more Venom to come and a lot more releases from NEAT Records too.

  1. In League With Satan
  2. Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil
Country: UK
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock



  1. Priceless post! It clears all the questions about the tracks from the debut single and their full length versions! Cheers!

  2. this versions new to me. loking forward to it! great blog