Tuesday 15 January 2013

Trilogy (Aus) - Next In Line (1986)

Trilogy (Aus) - Next In Line (1986)

These guys were a sort of Progressive type band coming out of Western Australia originally under the name of Saracen.  I'm not so sure on the whole story here or if they were called Trilogy of Saracen first because everyone I've talked to says different things, depending on where they are from.  At the most, I know that these guys were on Axe Killer Records, which I believe was a French label.  In saying that, I know that the release I have ripped and the cover pictured above is the European pressing.  The original Australian pressing is exactly the same, except in place of the Trilogy logo it has Saracen instead.  That is where they lose me because I know they had another album in 1985 that had the Trilogy logo on the cover.  Confusing.  So who knows?  Not me...  At one point they also had the guitarist from Black Alice, who I've also uploaded for your Western Australian Metal listening pleasure.  How nice.

  1. Against The Wall
  2. In The Morning
  3. Time Is Over
  4. Next In Line
  5. L.M.D.
  6. Skyline
  7. Fight With Fire
  8. Three Years
  9. On  The Run
Country: Australia
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock



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