Wednesday 16 January 2013

Manilla Road (USA) - Invasion (1980)

Manilla Road (USA) - Invasion (1980)

Here it is, I said I'd give you something else.  You probably don't care and think this isn't very special.  WELL IT IS, OK!  This is the original pressing on Roadster Records from 1980.  The first release had the purple border and on the back it had a painting of the band, standing in the clouds with swords looking like the lords of light I guess.  The album was re-released by Roadster Records in 1982, but this time it was without the border and it only had a photo of the band on the back.  What I have for you here is the original from 1980 and I haven't got the re-release but I imagine it sounds no different, but just so you know what you're getting, this is the original.  Anyway.
I really like this album.  A lot of people think of Crystal Logic as THE Manilla Road album but in reality, there is no way you can ignore any of their other releases like I know people do.  Everything they ever wrote before Crystal Logic is pure perfection, no doubt blessed by the lords of light themselves.  Its a lot more progressive and is almost like a jam session at some places.  If you hear their radio recording from 1979 and then the unreleased album from 1981 then it fits right in between there.  I will be uploading both of those albums too.  Check out the lead guitar in Cat And Mouse.  YES.

  1. The Dream Goes On
  2. Cat And Mouse
  3. Far Side Of The Sun
  4. Street Jammer
  5. Centurian War Games
  6. The Empire
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


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  1. The download link goes to some live youtube video.