Monday 23 February 2015

Parabellum (Col) - Mutacion Por Radiacion (1988)

Parabellum (Col) - Mutacion Por Radiacion (1988)

I always see people saying the artwork with the "cucaracha" is the front cover, but to me, holding this record, it seems correct to believe it is not.  Anyway, enough of the trivial stuff.  This doesn't sound as unforgiving as the previous release does, but that in no way means it is a pushover of a release.  It seems to have a lot more of a punk influence in this one.  It's as though they decided to go in a bit more of a punk direction for Parabellum and Blasfemia picked up where Sacrilegio left off.  Maybe it is just the production though.  There is a lot less of the whole, layers of reverb into distorted guitars going on in this recording, maybe thats all it is.  But there is one part at the end of Bruja Maldita with a very haunting sounding chant thing going on which is seriously evil.  Seriously.

  1. Bruja Maldita
  2. Mutación Por Radiación
Country: Colombia
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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