Wednesday 25 February 2015

Various (Col) - Rodrigo D: No Futuro (1990)

Various (Col) - Rodrigo D: No Futuro (1990)

There was a film released in 1990 in Colombia about a kid from Medellin who wanted to start a punk band and the soundtrack featured bands from that city, both punk and metal.  It even featured a scene with the drummer of Parabellum as well as Blasfemia playing a gig on the rooftop.

The A side contained punk and the B side was Metal.  Although, the last track on Side A, track 9 by Amén is actually a metal song that I guess didn't fit on the B side and side A had heaps of room since all the tracks were so short.  The intro to the Amén song is also total Slayer worship by the way.  I love every single track on this album, but I tend to lean more towards liking the punk side a lot more, I don't know why.  I love the song Dinero and when you hear it playing in the movie with the kids walking down the dirt street it just works so well.

The Metal side is great too.  Blasfemia's recording of Postmortem here is probably my favourite and I enjoy it a lot more than the version on Guerra Total.  It is less thin and fuzzy sounding, but that doesn't mean it is any less aggressive.  There was a CD re-release of this that featured a few more bands which I believe were metal bands too.  It has Nekromantie, which, if you haven't heard before then you NEED to.  I don't know why they were omitted from the original soundtrack and not released for another 20 years when they have a track played in the movie.  Oh well, you should definitely track that CD down.  It is released by Madman Productions who is run by a good friend of mine and also released some Blasfemia too.  Go check it out.

  1. Pestes - Dinero
  2. Pestes - Nunca Triunfé
  3. Pestes - No - No
  4. Mutantex - Sin Reacción
  5. Mutantex - Ramera Del Barrio
  6. Mutantex - Estúpidas Miradas
  7. Mutantex - No Te Desanimes Mátate
  8. Pe-Ne - No Mas Clases
  9. Amén - Sala Negra
  10. Ekrion - Violentas Arenas
  11. Agressor - Poseido
  12. Profanación - Profanación
  13. Dexkoncierto - Tu Futuro Es Muerte
  14. Blasfemia - Postmortem
  15. Mierda - Sucias Entrañas
Country: Colombia
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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