Friday 20 February 2015

Parabellum (Col) - Sacrilegio (1987)

Parabellum (Col) - Sacrilegio (1987)

Of all the dirtiest, noisiest most rotten sounds to have come from South Ameria and perhaps even this whole planet comes Parabellum.  One of the first extreme bands from Colombia, whether they knew how to do this or it turned out this way by accident, they created the most evil thing I happen to know of.  This is the sonic equivalent of going to a cemetery and eating the dirt out of exhumed graves.

Whilst the music is the same on both versions, I have taken photos of both variations I own, the first and second pressings.  They both have different back cover art layouts.  First pressing is a black background with photos of the band members arranged around an inverted crucifix.  The second came with a white background with text that is printed in a very bad "dot-matrix printer" style print. There is meant to be a third pressing pressed over used records with inverted colours, but I do not own this and I have never seen it.  So if anyone out there has it or any photos it would be great to see them.  I am not sure if all pressings came with an insert, but only my first press came with one.  I would also like to point out that the sleeves are very thin and cheap quality paper and have not stood the test of time and abuse very well.  In saying that, they are still in fairly good condition.  Most records out of Colombia were not taken care of so well.

  1. Madre Muerte
  2. Engendro 666
Country: Colombia
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


  1. Hey man, first of all fucking excellent blog! There's some real gems on here.

    I'm having trouble with a couple of your uploads, this one, I managed to dl Parabellum - Sacrilegio, but the password you've listed here doesn't work. I've tried putting a hyphen in there to separate the two words, that doesn't work either.

    Also, there's no clickable dl link for Parabellum - Mutacion Por Radiacion.

  2. corrupted RAR file. Please re-up this.