Wednesday 24 May 2017

Messiah (Che) - Hymn To Abramelin (1986)

Messiah (Che) - Hymn To Abramelin (1986)

This is a bit of a weird one, but then again when you look at bands like Celtic Frost, it's not all that uncommon for those Swiss cunts to be a little bit weird at times.  Fierce ripping black/death thrash that'll tear your ballbag clean off.  More than half of the songs have weird titles,  Why do they have a song about Space Invaders, who writes about The Dentist and what does it mean by Messiah "(Extra Version)"?  To top it off, there are some strange spoken word intros to some of the tracks, "Good people, bad musicians", what?

They pressed 7000 copies of this album, the first 2000 being in a black print and the second print of 5000 copies being in a red print, which I have here.  This was the first release by Chainsaw Murder (CM 001) and the label would only put out 4 other releases after this, the next Messiah album, two more MLPs by Swiss bands Excruciation and Calhoun Conquer, and the legendary Pentagram Chile 7".  Not too bad for only 5 releases.

  1. Hymn To Abramelin
  2. Messiah (Extra Version)
  3. Anarchus
  4. Space Invaders
  5. Thrashing Madness
  6. Future Aggressor
  7. Empire Of The Damned
  8. Total Maniac
  9. The Dentist
Country: Switzerland
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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