Wednesday 17 May 2017

Dark Angel (USA) - We Have Arrived (1985)

Dark Angel (USA) - We Have Arrived (1985)

What better to start doing this shit with again than this album.  Dare I say, (and be it a very controversial opinion, oh no!) that I prefer this to Darkness Descends.  Yes, I do love Darkness Descends and yes I know Gene Hoglan doesn't play on this album.  But I don't give a fuck really.  I love this album because it is somewhat of a bridge between Heavy Metal and Thrash at times, not to mention it is still heavier than your mum's kitchen too.

The copy I have here, ripped for your all of your ear-pussy pleasuring, happens to be a Brazilian pressing (no surprise there) rather than the original pressing on the downright bizarre Metal Storm Records label. It still has the same amazing album artwork, unlike that stupid french bullshit pressing on Axe Killer Records with the black cover and band logo.  What the shit is that?  But something nice about this pressing that you don't get on the US pressing is the layout of the LP itself.  You get this demon/angel thing taking a sneaky dump on the back in place of photos of the band members, and said photos are instead on an insert which also has the lyrics and another band photo too.  No idea if the quality is different than the US pressing.  Being from Brazil, you would think it would be worse, but it sounds fine to me.  Just take it, no complaining, fuck up cunt.

  1. We Have Arrived
  2. Merciless Death
  3. Falling From The Sky
  4. Welcome To The Slaughterhouse
  5. No Tomorrow
  6. Hell's On It's Knees
  7. Vendetta
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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