Monday 22 May 2017

Morbid Angel (USA) - Abominations Of Desolation (1991)

Morbid Angel (USA) - Abominations Of Desolation (1991)

So this one was originally recorded in 1986 but never officially released until 1991.  There are a few familiar songs on here, even ones that would end up being released a while later on albums like Covenant, although Angel Of Disease is infinitely better on this version.  Maybe it's because Dave Vincent is not yet present and vocal/drumming duties are done by none other than Mike Browning of Nocturnus fame.  Only Trey Azagthoth and Richard Brunelle would continue on from this lineup.  To be honest, I actually prefer these vocals to that on Altars Of Madness.

Something that definitely needs a mention, what the fuck is the deal with the lame as fuck artwork by Earache?  The whole reasoning behind finally releasing this album was to combat all the bootleg pressings out there.  Now I don't know about anyone else, but the Japanese bootleg has some fucking amazing artwork, how exactly are you going to fight that with this bullshit?  The audio quality is exactly the same, maybe give or take, nothing noticeable, but I included a rip of each just for completists.

  1. The Invocation
  2. Chapel Of Ghouls
  3. Unholy Blasphemies
  4. Angel Of Disease
  5. Azagthoth
  6. The Gate
  7. Lord Of All Fevers And Plague
  8. Hellspawn
  9. Abominations
  10. Demon Seed
  11. Welcome To Hell
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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  1. una chimba pana desde colombia ....metal forever

  2. morbid angel ....fuck puta madre re aspero

  3. Damn, that artwork on the Japanese edition is just amazing. Even better than the boring cover on Altars.