Sunday 16 September 2012

Electrocution (Ita) - Inside The Unreal (1993)

Electrocution (Ita) - Inside The Unreal (1993)

When you think of Italy, you don't really think of Death Metal, well I don't anyway.  Which is surprising because this is definitely in my top 5 greatest Death Metal albums of all time.  At first it was the logo and album artwork that lured me in straight away, I had to have it.  Usually with those types of obscure albums the artwork is far greater than the musical content, but I was blown away on this one, a rare thing indeed.  Its straight up Death Metal, but it almost has a Thrash feel to some of the riffs, it almost reminds me of the first Deicide album, riff wise that is.  The guitar playing is finely crafted here, lot of fancy guitar work that doesn't come across as boring and totally unnecessary like a lot of bands, it fits really well with all the songs as if it was meant to be there.  I can't begin to explain the darkness that emanates from this album either.  I can't say if its the vocals, the songwriting or the production, but it definitely has something extremely dark going on here.  This is essential for any Death Metal or even Death Thrash fan out there.  This is a vinyl rip, so there are only 9 tracks.  The original CD release had an extra track, Bells Of The End.  They recently reissued this album, finally.  It deserve a lot more attention than it gets.  I'm not sure if they have any extra material on the reissue, but I wish they hadn't updated the artwork, it looked great how it was!


  1. Premature Burial
  2. Rising Of Infection
  3. They Died Without Crosses
  4. Growing Into The Flesh (Bleeding To Death)
  5. Body's Decay
  6. Ghost Of Past
  7. Under The Wings Only Remains
  8. Back To The Leprosy Death
  9. Behind The Truth
Country: Italy
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


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