Friday 7 September 2012

Sepultura (Bra) - Bestial Devastation (1985)

Sepultura (Bra) - Bestial Devastation (1985)

This is it, this is what South America is all about.  Forget anything else Sepultura even did, even Morbid Visions (As much as I love that album though).  Side 2 of this legendary Brazilian split along with Overdose is up there with my all time favourites, and for good reason.  it is the epitome of darkness and evil, from the cover artwork, to the intro, and to every single crazy riff (check the intro to Necromancer and tell me that isn't one of the heaviest things you've ever heard).  They certainly have it all covered.  This was later released by itself in 1990 with a bonus track along with having the updated Sepultura logo printed on the cover.  I will be uploading this version in a couple of days, but there is really no difference to it besides those two things I mentioned.  Still, its nice to have and it was essential to fill out my Cogumelo catalogue.

  1. The Curse
  2. Bestial Devastation
  3. Antichrist
  4. Necromancer
  5. Warriors Of Death
Country: Brazil
Bit rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock