Saturday 15 September 2012

Malisha (USA) - Serve Your Savage Beast (1986)

Malisha (USA) - Serve Your Savage Beast (1986)

Now this is a heavy metal album!  This is up there as one of my favourite US metal releases ever.    The album is fronted by Kim La Chance, formerly of Vixen and Hawaii, and the band consists of a whole bunch of different musicians which is explained in the LP insert which I should scan and put up one day.  I'm sure you can find something about it out there on the internet.  About the music... Every single god damn track on this album is absolutely perfect.  The vocals are epic as fuck, the musicianship is tight and every damn riff kills.  Check out the intro to Valkyrie, its a perfect way to open the album.  The second track, Love For The Day is a bit out of place as the second track since its an acoustic type track, would've worked a little better a bit further into the album I reckon.  A few standout tracks are Valkyrie, Serve Your Savage Beast, Power Flight and Hands Of The Ripper, but as I said, there is not one track here that will disappoint fans of classic US Metal.  A must hear!

Unfortunately I missed out on seeing Kim La Chance perform Malisha and Vixen tracks at the 2012 Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany this year, I'm kicking myself I didn't!

  1. Valkyrie
  2. Love For The Day
  3. Step Through Eternity
  4. Serve Your Savage Beast
  5. What I Believe
  6. Power Flight
  7. Metal Wars
  8. Burning Rage
  9. Hands Of The Ripper
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock



  1. I like that you actually write about the albums you post. That's cool.

    I have this great record, but I was too lazy to rip it myself so thank you!

  2. gracias desde colombia