Friday 10 April 2015

Sadistik Exekution (Aus) - The Magus (1991)

Sadistik Exekution (Aus) - The Magus (1991)

Originally recorded in 1988, this wasn't released until 1991.  By that time, the original guitarist who also played in Slaughter Lord had left the band and was replaced by Rev. Kriss Hades.  That would explain why my copy was signed by him, even though he never played on this album (actually, that explains nothing at all).  This is quite a step below what they would eventually end up sounding like on their next album and ones afterwards, sounding a lot more Thrash than anything else here.

I rate this as high as anything from Brazil and it is up there in terms of ferocity with other bands like Poison, Protector or Morbid Saint.

  1. Transneobathasaurikal Delusions Of The Unknown
  2. Cautness Darling Blood
  3. The Magus
  4. Agonising The Dead
  5. Sadistikly Exekuted
  6. Lupercalia
  7. Possessed Haemorrhage
  8. Phobos
Country: Australia
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


  1. Thanks great early unrated black death metal & crust influencies!