Sunday 5 April 2015

Destructor (US) - Maximum Destruction (1985)

Destructor (US) - Maximum Destruction (1985)

When it comes to 80's bands from the USA playing the more aggressive styles of metal, 85-86 was the peak of this period. Before then you have a bunch of bands influenced by the NWOBHM and afterwards you have slightly weak, disappointing clones coppying those pre-85 bands.  What you have in between is sheer perfection.  More than often anyway.  Destructor is one of those bands and this album is non-stop speed metal insanity.  I still remember the first time I heard this album and I was hooked straight away.  I still feel the same sense of awe I did the first time everything I hear that first scream in Maximum Destruction up until the outro of Bondage.  By the way, Hot Wet Leather and Bondage are meant to be seperate tracks, but they blend together and it works too well not to have them together so I left them all as one track.  You just can't listen to one without the other.

Originally released on the US label Auburn Records, it was also released on Roadrunner Records in Europe.

  1. Prelude In Sledge Minor, Opus 7, 1st Movement
  2. Maximum Destruction
  3. Destructor
  4. Take Command
  5. Instrumetal
  6. Pounding Evil
  7. Overdose
  8. Iron Curtain
  9. Hot Wet Leather/Bondage
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


Auburn Records

Roadrunner Records

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  1. Destructor is from my hometown Cleveland...I remember when my older brother brought this home(I was 10) and put it on,Maximum Destruction indeed!!!!!!!!