Wednesday 7 June 2017

Destruction (Ger) - Eternal Devastation (1986)

Destruction (Ger) - Eternal Devastation (1986)

My favourite Destruction album and the perfect Thrash production sound for me.  It also happens to be another reason all these remastered/remixed CDs and uploads on YouTube piss me off and made me want to start putting up the originals in all their glory.  My main problem I had with this was when I purchased a CD version of this album and straight away, listening to the first track Curse The Gods I knew there was something wrong.  They had cut out the end of that guitar intro and skipped the count in, going straight to the first riff in what I find is a really jarring sounding editing decision and doesn't work.  Maybe it is because I heard the other version first, but anyone who hasn't heard it can surely hear there is something wrong there.  This would be the last of the original albums to feature the band as a 3 piece, with the god awful Mad Butcher EP being somewhat of an introductory recording to try out a second guitarist.

  1. Curse The Gods
  2. Confound Games
  3. Life Without Sense
  4. United By Hatred
  5. Eternal Ban
  6. Upcoming Devastation
  7. Confused Mind
Country: Germany
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


  1. Thanks, my friend, I got it on tape.

  2. curse the gods is an absolute classic song. what a fucking album!!!!!

  3. hi! thank's for sharing your stuff very thank's!

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  5. Thanks for going to the work to digitize these - Destruction has never sounded better than those original (vinyl) albums. You have quite the collection