Monday 19 June 2017

Rock Goddess (UK) - Rock Goddess (1983)

Rock Goddess (UK) - Rock Goddess (1983)

This is exactly the album I was talking about in the previous post about Leather Angel.  Whilst not their first recording, that honour going to a 12" the year before in 1982, this is the first of two albums released in the same year, 1983.  Girlschool had come and gone by now, at least for me.  Their first 4 are what really matters the most, and the fourth, Play Dirty was well and truly taken a step in the more commercial direction.  Luckily, Rock Goddess, even though having been around almost as long as Girlschool, picked up where they left off and released two hard as nails NWOBHM albums. Maybe it is just me fanboying over this shit, but I don't think there is a single weak track on this whole album, but then again maybe it is due to me overplaying this in my teens.  This album also spawned a single with the track My Angel.

  1. Heartache
  2. Back To You
  3. The Love Lingers Still
  4. To Be Betrayed
  5. Take Your Love Away
  6. My Angel
  7. Satisfied Then Crucified
  8. Start Running
  9. One Way Love
  10. Make My Night
  11. Heavy Metal Rock 'N' Roll
Country: UK
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


  1. cracking album and thankfully not forgotten.

  2. Awesome band and they should have been much bigger than they were.

  3. ¡ hail men ! ..from medellin colombia

  4. Ahhhh! I've reached the end!!

  5. Does it not going weiter hier? 😉

  6. Been looking for this for a long time. Thanks.

  7. Hell with this, rocking the world from long time. Remind me of old rocking days.

  8. Great band. Thanks for sharing.
    It's a shame that you gave up on posting all these awesome releases. Hope you'll find some time to get more done.

  9. Thank you for your posts. Non-pretentious reviews and good rips. Good shit man. thanks!

  10. Hey man, I know you're not active anymore but I kinda wished you did rips of original vinyls of bands such as Death, Obituary, Mayhem, Burzum, etc.

  11. James Grant, I would appreciate if you stop using my image on your blog. I know you blocked me on social media and that doesn't matter. I just think its a shame you post one mans memories in your title images, but you didn't create any of those memories.

    Just had a good life.