Friday 9 June 2017

Destruction (Ger) - Release From Agony (1988)

Destruction (Ger) - Release From Agony (1988)

This was my introduction to Destruction, and as much as people I know don't like it as much as the previous two albums and the first EP, I still fucking love it.  Before there were things like Metal Archives and YouTube, all I had for band reccomendations was some of those early HTML fan websites to go off and the thanks lists on albums I had found.  I would always write down a list of the bands I'd read being thanked and I don't remember where it was but Sodom was one of those bands.  I ended up finding a guy selling some Sodom records, Mortal Way Of Live and Better Off Dead.  The best thing about the Mortal Way Of Live record was the inserts had a list and photos of all the Steamhammer back catalogue, the same as what Noise Records used to print up, which was another haven for discovering new bands.  It was here I saw discovered bands like Hobbs Angel Of Death, Satan, Assasin, and Laaz Rockit.  But in amongst all these bands is where I found Release From Agony and Sentence Of Death and it was the artwork for those two, but mainly Release From Agony that sold it for me alone.

This is probably the only reason I rate it over Infernal Overkill.  It is a definite improvement over one of my biggest disappointments in life, Mad Butcher.  I still rate Release From Agony as one of my all time favourite Destruction tracks.

  1. Beyond Eternity
  2. Release From Agony
  3. Dissatisfied Existence
  4. Sign Of Fear
  5. Unconscious Ruins
  6. Incriminated
  7. Our Oppression
  8. Survive To Die
Country: Germany
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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