Monday 12 September 2016

Azul Limão (Bra) - Vingança (1986)

Azul Limão (Bra) - Vingança (1986)

When it comes to heavy metal albums from Brazil, Azul Limão works it's way into my top 4 along with Karisma, Harppia and Alta Tensão.  The band's name translates in English to Blue Lemon, which is Brazilian slang for LSD.  So from the get go, with a name in Portuguese you can probably guess that the lyrics are all in Portuguese too, makes sense.  Production on this album is great, it's not too lo-fi but not so polished, it has quite the edge to it.  Drums and bass are all there, loud and clear and the guitar really cuts through.  A lot of the tracks on this album such as Portas Da Imaginação and Satã Clama Metal are quite fast for this style of metal, but then it gets evened out with a few slow ones too like Sangue Frio and O Grito.

The overall feel of albums like these from Brazil is a strange feeling for me.  I really love the artwork on this album.  I don't know what it is even meant to be of but it sure works for me, it's what made me want to listen to this album.  First time I saw it I just knew I had to have it, I didn't care if it was shit or not.  Lucky for me the music was good too.

  1. Abertura
  2. Portas Da Imaginação
  3. Satã Clama Metal
  4. Sangue Frio
  5. Fora Da Lei
  6. Não Vou Mais Falar
  7. O Grito
  8. Você Não Faz Nada
  9. Vingança
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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