Thursday 8 September 2016

Poison (Ger) - Bestial Death (1985)

Poison (Ger) - Bestial Death (1985)

This is another of the Poison demos released recently on LP.  This one was released alongside the next one, Awakening Of The Dead.  Same thing happened with the Die Hard editions as with Sons Of Evil, but at least the normal LP pressings had good artwork.  I am not sure when or where it came from, but prior to these official pressings there was a bootleg pressing which also came with two extra songs.  The quality on the official LP is better than the bootleg, but in saying that it's hardly much of a difference.

The overall production quality on this recording is not all that great, but it is a big step further compared to Sons Of Evil.  The ability of the band has gotten better overall, songs are a bit tighter despite still being loose as fuck.  Songwriting is better too, with 6 tracks including an intro and two much longer songs, whereas Sons Of Evil had a total of 13 tracks.  All but the intro and the track Witchfynde would go on to be recorded again for the next demo and Witchfynde would appear once more on the Live Terror demo.  These longer, more complex songs would be a taste of what was to come from this band, constantly improving but sadly going nowhere in the end.

  1. Intro: The Vision
  2. Satan Commands
  3. Witchfynde
  4. Wake The Dead
  5. Antichrist (Death To Christ)
  6. Alive (Undead)
  7. Black Angel (Promo 84) (Bootleg LP)
  8. Yog Sothoth (Reh. Track 13/03/86) (Bootleg LP)
Country: Germany
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

Download (2016 LP)
Download (Bootleg LP)

2016 LP Re-release

Bootleg LP

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