Friday 9 September 2016

Poison (Ger) - Awakening Of The Dead (1986)

Poison (Ger) - Awakening Of The Dead (1986)

I absolutely love this demo, there is so much about it that makes my doodle pointy.  The first is that you have a bunch of tracks from their previous demo, and whilst not exactly a huge step forward in their ability like it was from Sons Of Evil to Bestial Death, the production is a little bit clearer ("clearer") here.  Not clinically sterile, but it does it justice for something like this.  Wake The Dead with it's intro is just fucking amazing.

Second is that you get two early versions of songs that would appear on Into The Abyss, Yog Sothoth and Alive (Undead).  What more could you want than that?

And lastly, the best for me, even though it could have been included in the first reason is the inclusion of Legions Of Hell.  As if it wasn't good enough already on Sons Of Evil, here we have a longer, updated version of this fucking track.  Now that''s something more that you fucking get.  Fuck yes.

  1. Satan Commands
  2. Wake The Dead
  3. Yog Sothoth
  4. Antichrist
  5. Alive (Undead)
  6. Legions Of Hell
  7. Black Death
Country: Germany
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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