Monday 5 September 2016

Sadistik Exekution (Aus) - We Are Death... Fukk You! (1994)

Sadistik Exekution (Aus) - We Are Death... Fukk You! (1994)

This time Osmose actually managed to get a track listing in the correct order for once.

For the 1994 recording it was finally time to have an album released featuring the guitar work of Rev. Kris Hades.  The Magus was recorded back in 1988 with Sandy from Slaughter Lord and by the time it was released in 1991 Kris Hades was already a member.  The drums were not recorded by Sloth either, who had left only to come back later.  And with that, you can hear a huge difference in sound and playing styles here.  A lot more frantic and one step away from their next album K.A.O.S. which is ultimately the sound they were looking for all along.  Even Rok's vocals are more intense here and they would stay the way they are here for the rest of the band's career.

In saying that, it is a nice middle between the Death-Thrash madness of The Magus and the chaotic absurdity that is K.A.O.S. and everything following.  Another weird thing is the quality of all the songs differ from track to track, making it seem as though some were recorded at separate occasions.  I gather this is possibly the reason Bassist and main songwriter for the band always tells me he has the actual mastered tapes at his house and Osmose are fucked.  So hopefully in the future we may be able to hear the fully mastered version.  After all, I am sure Dave needs other methods of income.  You can't really live off of teaching Bass and walking around at local gigs with a shopping bag full of CDs, Patches and Stickers and selling them or trading them for beers.

  1. Suspiral
  2. Burnt Offering
  3. Internal Klok
  4. Mathematikus
  5. Electrokution
  6. Lest We Forget
  7. Evoke War Vomit
  8. Astral Abortis
  9. Ipsissumus
  10. Hades Valley
Country: Australia
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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