Tuesday 13 September 2016

Harppia (Bra) - 7 (1987)

Harppia (Bra) - 7 (1987)

It's a hard decision which to pick as to what I'd say my favourite Harppia release is.  My favourite track is definitely Salém (A Cidade Das Bruxas) on the 1985 EP A Ferro E Fogo, but I think this album wins overall.  As you may have guessed, being from Brazil and all, this band sings only in Portuguese, which is why it is sometimes titled Sete (Seven in Português).  As soon as you put this record on and Na Calada Da Noite starts, you know they were fans of Iron Maiden.  Not so much to vocals, but very much so in way the guitar is played.

I started out on the more extreme stuff out of Brazil when I was a lot younger and as I got older I discovered there were actually a lot of the more traditional heavy metal style bands coming out of the country.  This was one of the first bands I stumbled upon like that along with Azul Limão and as I mentioned before, the artwork really pulled me in to wanting to hear and own this record.

  1. Na Calada Da Noite
  2. Voz Da Consciência
  3. Magia Negra
  4. Balada
  5. Guerras
  6. AIDS
  7. Sete
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock