Thursday 15 September 2016

Holocausto (Bra) - Negatives (1990)

Holocausto (Bra) - Negatives (1990)

What an absolutely disappointing album.  After hearing Campo De Extermínio for the first time I was blown away that something could sound like that.  I quickly made it my fucking business to own that album and it was the first LP from Brazil I ever bought.  After a while I decided to hear something else by these maniacs.  So here I am, worshipping Campo De Extermínio then I hear Blocked Minds and then Negatives.  What the fuck is this bullshit?  This isn't even bullshit, this is horse shit.  Vanilla thrash whos only redeeming factor is that sometimes it sounds a bit like later Voivod, which is not the best thing to have going for you, as well as being on Cogumelo records.  So me being a completionist I have to have this waste of paper and plastic in my collection.

Utterly disgusted.

Get fucked.

Piss off

Please.  Do not disappoint me when I get to see you play all of Campo De Extermínio in Berlin this coming November.  Don't do a Negatives on me.

  1. Seconds
  2. Opened Eyes To Nothing
  3. Austroptecus Tecnologicus
  4. Muted By Fear
  5. Action Levels
  6. Negatives
  7. P.M.D.
  8. Congratulations Mr. Money
  9. Contrast
  10. Platzs Pitz
  11. Falling Into The Void
  12. Disappointing The Ridiculous Analysis
  13. Choked Expressions
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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