Sunday 18 September 2016

Dorsal Atlântica (Bra) - Antes Do Fim (1986)

Dorsal Atlântica (Bra) - Antes Do Fim (1986)

These guys were certainly ahead of everyone else in Brazil at the time.  By the sounds of them you'd expect something like this to come out of Belo Horizonte, but these guys are actually from Rio.  Fast and raw, they certainly sound Brazilian in that sense.  It's very aggressive, but at times it feels like it is more of a very, very fast and aggressive heavy metal album opposed to all the Thrash/Death recordings of the time.

  1. Caçador Da Noite
  2. HTLV - 3
  3. Álcool
  4. Depressão Suicida
  5. Vorkuta
  6. Joseph Mengele
  7. Guerrilha
  8. Inveja
  9. Morte Aos Falsos
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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