Sunday 8 March 2015

Holocausto (Col) - Inferior 7" (1993)

Holocausto (Col) - Inferior 7" (1993)

This is quite a strange release this one, and being released in 1993 it is a bit late to the game but nonetheless is a most to hear if you are into Death Metal, Progressive stuff or just anything from Colombia or South America like myself.  Now as I said, this is quite progressive and I don't usually get into that type of stuff, well, not the overly wanky stuff anyway.  Lots of strange riffs and time changes.  You can even hear the bass in this, doing some nice little basslines here and there.  This doesn't get super fast, nor does it contain constant blast beats.  Its very similar to Atheist actually.  They focus a lot more on songwriting and creating a very strange, dark vibe that sounds very bleak at times, even including a weird little piano/harpsichord/noideawhatthefuckitactuallyis part at the end of Asesinos de la Muerte.  Inferior also has a bit of dark synth in there somewhere too.

Also, the label on the disc itself and the sleeve both have conflicting track titles.  The sleeve says the A side is called Asesinos de la Muerte whilst the label says Asesinos de la Tierra.  No idea which one is correct, but there you go.

  1. Asesinos de la Muerte
  2. Inferior
  3. Bajo la Oscuridad
Country: Colombia
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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