Tuesday 10 March 2015

Mutilator (Bra) - Into The Strange (1988)

Mutilator (Bra) - Into The Strange (1988)

This is quite a change from what Mutilator were first doing on their demos, Warfare Noise and debut LP.  Perhaps it is because of the loss of the Neves brothers, Ricardo and Rodrigo on Drums and Bass.  Kleber still on vocals, switching from Guitar to Bass, bringing in a new guitarist known only as C.M. and recruiting none other than the legendary Armando Sampaio of Holocausto fame on drums.  Even with Armando in the band, they strayed away from the evil Death Thrash stuff and into territories similar to what bands like Metallica were doing at the time.  Even the song Lost Words' intro is a straight rip of Metallica's Sanitarium, but we will just ignore that.  This is quite a step down and nowhere near the beast Immortal Force was, but it is still worth the listen as it is the last album the band would ever record.

  1. Raise The Strange
  2. Vanishing In The Haze
  3. Greatings (To The Deads)
  4. Lost Words
  5. Fighting In The Past
  6. Into The Strange
  7. Five Minutes Beyond The Walls
  8. A Place To Go
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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