Monday 30 March 2015

Mortician (US) - Mortal Massacre 7" (1991)

Mortician (US) - Mortal Massacre 7" (1991)

This is the debut of longtime member and guitarist Roger Beaujard and with this you can hear the bands style turning to the direction they would later be known for.  Roger's guitar style is very different to that of John McEntee who played on the first 7" and it is apparent from the first time you hear that tone and whammy dive after the Night Of The Living Dead sample.  You also start to see the use of many more samples, one for each song here and usually having something to do with the overall theme of the song.  Mortal Massacre uses the Night Of The Living Dead as its intro sample, as stated before.  Drilling For Brains has its intro taken from Driller Killer and Redrum is obviously from The Shining and uses the sample as an outo.  I think this works really well and gives it an overall darker vibe, especially if you have seen any of these movies.  It invokes the memories of watching these usually dark and gritty b grade VHS horror movies.  This would be the last recording with original drummer Matt Sicher who would never be fully replaced.  All live Mortician gigs use a live guitarist and Roger plays the drums.

  1. Intro/Mortal Masacre
  2. Drilling For Brains
  3. Redrum/Outro
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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