Saturday 21 March 2015

Sacrifice (Can) - Torment In Fire (1985)

Sacrifice (Can) - Torment In Fire (1985)

Canada's answer to Slayer, and to be honest, to me I much prefer this album to anything Slayer ever released.  That will probably upset a whole bunch of people but I don't care, I never saw the appeal in Slayer, its just another band to me.  Ferocious is an understatement when describing this album.  The guitars rip everything to pieces with plenty of fast riffing and chaotic whammy bar action.  Drums sound like cannons and lots of floor tom use, most notable in Homicidal Breath.  The vocals are the best thing for me.  They sound so frantic, it reminds me of Sadus.  This is just one of many bands that establishes Canada as being just as good as anywhere else in the world, spawning so many top level bands.  Might I also add that as you can see on the back of the cover, BC Rich guitars and basses are being used.  That is a sure way to know something will sound good.

  1. The Awakening
  2.  Sacrifice
  3. Turn In Your Grave
  4. Homicidal Breath
  5. Warrior Of Death
  6. Infernal Visions
  7. Burned At The Stake
  8. Necronomicon
  9. The Exorcism
  10. Possession
  11. Decapitation
  12. Beyond Death
Country: Canada
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock


  1. Great, looking for this on vinyl, but pleased to play in the meantime!!

  2. Thank you so much pal for upload this masterpiece.

  3. Thank you for this I have been looking for a true 320 rip for like a week cheers :)