Friday 6 March 2015

Vulcano (Bra) - Bloody Vengenace (1986)

Vulcano (Bra) - Bloody Vengenace (1986)

This is Vuclcano's second release, but their first studio recording.  I definitely rate this as one of the best bands out of Brazil, and for good reason too.  Mainly the vocals.  I'm sure I mentioned this in the post I did about Live!, but it must be said again.  Angel is one of my favourite vocalists in this style, hands down.  There is a roughness to his voice that I can hear almost nowhere else, equaled only by Sarcofago's Wagner Lamounier and Protector's Martin Missy.

The instruments themselves, they are dark and fast and dirty and everything you'd expect to hear from a Brazilian band.  Whilst Live! sounded a lot more like a blackened heavy metal band in the vein of Venom, they have since progressed into a full blown black/death/thrash monster.  You'll hear completely different songs here, none of which appeared before on Live!  Although parts of the song Total Destruição have been re-worked and re-titled as Ready To Explode.

From my knowledge, most of the bigger well known bands of this style in Brazil came from Belo Horizonte, whereas Vulcano are from São Paulo.  São Paulo seemed to have a lot more bands in the traditional heavy metal vein, Belo Horizonte spawning more aggressive sounding bands.  Vulcano started out as a traditional Heavy Metal band though, as can be heard on their first 7" Om Pushne Namah, so I guess that it is still like that in most instances.

  1. Dominios Of Death
  2. Spirits Of Evil
  3. Ready To Explode
  4. Holocaust
  5. Incubus
  6. Death Metal
  7. Voices From Hell
  8. Bloody Vengeance
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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