Tuesday 31 March 2015

Mortician (US) - House By The Cemetery 7" (1994)

Mortician (US) - House By The Cemetery 7" (1994)

Due to the death of the original drummer, Matt Sicher, the band went on a break.  They came back with this release three years after Mortal Massacre.  Instead of finding a replacement drummer, a drum machine was brought in.  I don't know if this was only meant to be a temporary thing for this recording or until they found a suitable replacement, but it has become a part of the band and is still used even today, 20 years later.  Later on an album would be made of all classic Mortician songs re-recorded using a real drummer. I wish they would just find a replacement, but perhaps it is just to honour their original drummer.

Besides all of that, this is the beginning of the Mortician we know today.  That is, Samples for all songs, drum machine, impossibly low gurgled vocals.  I'm not particularly a fan of  what came after this, I find that the drum machine is taken to the absolute extreme and is too distracting hilariously over the top.  Its quite obvious that it is a machine and no human could do what is heard, but they aren't claiming to not use a machine and it is well known, so I am not complaining.  Here the drum machine isn't as extreme and although its quite obvious its a drum machine, it is not as overly distracting and works well enough.

  1. Defiler Of The Dead
  2. Barbaric Cruelties
  3. World Domination
  4. Driller Killer
  5. House By The Cemetery
Country: USA
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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