Thursday 19 March 2015

Various (Bra) - Warfare Noise (1986)

Various (Bra) - Warfare Noise (1986)

If you've never even heard of this compilation then get fucked, no time for you.  If you have at least heard of it and never actually heard it, then here it is.  The first recordings of all four bands pressed onto record, this is one of the most ungodly pieces of plastic and cardboard ever put together.  It must also be noted that this recording was made before DD Crazy joined Sarcófago.  In his place was Armando, who would go on to replace the drummer in Holocausto and record their first album.  Armando would later join Mutilator on their second album, Into The Strange, so he has played for three out of the four bands appearing on this compilation.  Good effort.

Chakal are in fine form here, starting off with a track that you wont find anywhere else and ending their appearance with what I believe to be a superior version of Mr. Jesus Christ compared to what is found on their debut album, Abominable Anno Domini

Mutilator, as always, tear your head off from the very start.  Both tracks Believers Of Hell and Nuclear Holocaust would never appear anywhere else either.  Vocals here are handled by Silvio SDN who I think was the best that Mutilator ever had.  Just listen to him scream Nuclear Holocaust.

Sarcófago can do no wrong, especially not here.  The intro track Recrucify is one of the best intros I have ever heard, christ screaming as he is nailed to the cross and some demonic voices and winds.  Excellent stuff.  The Black Vomit is such a good track and it is a shame it never made it onto INRI but it made an appearance on The Laws Of Scourge years later, but is nowhere near as insane as it is here.  Satanas on the other hand made it onto INRI and the only real difference between the two tracks (besides the obvious production) is that Wagner uses a high pitched scream at the end of the track, similar to what Destruction do.

Holocausto is exactly the same as what you'll get on their album.  Fast, heavy, war themed lyrics sung in Portuguese.  Theres really no way you can go wrong with this band at all.

  1. Chakal - Cursed Cross
  2. Chakal - Mr. Jesus Christ
  3. Mutilator - Believers Of Hell
  4. Mutilator - Nuclear Holocaust
  5. Sarcófago - Recrucify/The Black Vomit
  6. Sarcófago - Satanas
  7. Holocausto - Destruição Nuclear
  8. Holocausto - Escarro Napalm
Country: Brazil
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Password: brownsock

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